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"Magic is merely science unexplained."

- Imara

Usui REIKI logoImara is known for her practice and teaching of accelerated and pure Vibrational Healing, Energy Work, and Usui REIKI. Imara has been a practicing/teaching Usui Reiki Master since 1996 and has been practicing Reiki since 1993. She has trained adults of all ages, many religions/beliefs, many nationalities and a broad range of lifestyles and professions.

Imara is the creator of The Wisdom Light Usui Reiki Circle which she founded in 1997 to voluntarily help children born with congenital birth anomalies and children receiving terminal or devastating medical diagnoses. It has grown to help children, teens and adults around the world in trauma or with devastating medical diagnoses or near transition.

For information about upcoming TRAININGS* or to SCHEDULE a private session with Imara, please call: 303-575-1100 anytime.

*Trainings by Imara are conducted exclusively in small, private groups, for the benefit of each student and as a screen for the integrity and sincerity of each student.

Upcoming USUI REIKI Trainings

Usui Reiki 1 Training
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Contact Imara for training details and to be included for private invitations to upcoming Reiki classes anywhere in the world
(Tel. 01-303-575-1100).

What Reiki Recipients & Reiki Trainees say, after experiencing Reiki under the Beam of The Wisdom Light with Imara, Usui Reiki Master:

"Thank you so much for the energy-work session and the consultative reading today.  I feel great!  My abdominal issue seems to have "magically" subsided ... ha ha. Thanks so much for your wonderful healing work." - Erin Keefe-Feinner, Usui Reiki Master, CO

  What is Reiki?
Gratefully reprinted here by permission of
John W. McPherson

"I want to tell you Thank You for being such a wonderful, generous and knowledgeable Reiki Master! I had dinner with 2 friends the other night, who have each taken Reiki with other masters and it was interesting to learn how different each of our experiences were. They are both attuned as masters but neither felt they were truly "masters of Reiki" and would not feel comfortable practicing professionally. I feel that I am truly getting a wonderful and detailed Reiki education, thanks to you. Thank you, thank you for all of your time, effort and willingness to share. You are the master of Masters. :) Bless you!" -EKF, Reiki Master Apprentice

"I just have spoken to so many people who've taken it with others, and though their teachers may have been well-intentioned, they were missing the integrity you bring to this. It amazes me how much mis-information is out there. The other students and teachers with whom I've spoken weren't taught everything you teach. I am so honored to have had you as my teacher. I am so thankful for you in my life." - DC, Reiki Master Apprentice

"Imara I just had to call you and tell you my knee feels great. I haven't felt this good in 5 years. Your Reiki is goood." -RF, Evergreen CO, Registered Nurse and Usui Reiki Practitioner

"Everyday I give thanks that I have learned such an amazing thing from an amazing person, and I am equipped with such a tool. Thanks Imara." -JAW, Registered Nurse and Mother of 3

"I wanted to thank you so much for the Reiki class. I know from experience that things in my life always happen when they are supposed to. This class was no exception. I believe taking this class and learning these techniques have been something that will change my relationship with not only my sons but many other people. It is truly a blessing that I took the class. I am so full of enthusiasm it is hard to explain. The experiences I have already gotten from my practice have filled me with awe and gratitude. Thanks again for being such an amazing teacher and motivator." -JH, Nurse


Thank you so much for the Reiki session today. It really helped, as usual. I also feel so good, so connected and grounded afterwards. You are very gifted! :)" -EF, Business Executive

"My doctor wanted to do surgery to remove the tumor, which would have jeopardized my pregnancy at best. After the three Reiki sessions with Imara, the growth had shrunk to a third its size and the doctors said surgery was no longer necessary. My pregnancy proceeded without incident, my wonderful son was born perfect and beautiful, and I am healthy." -JS, Chiropractor, Mother

"I always come back to you Imara, because your Reiki feels so much more powerful." - RF, Nurse, Reiki Practitioner

"Dear Imara, Thank YOU for your teachings and teaching style. The test was thorough and I appreciate that. I am glad you had us read the books and held us to task. Much, much, much better than the 1st time I took it. Giving Reiki to others and myself has really changed my life." -JF, Professional Massage Therapist.

"I just wanted to thank you again for the wonderful weekend. I'm excited to go out and practice the Reiki, but I got so much more out of the class spiritually, and that's the part I want to thank you for. I needed that boost; it is something I really needed for me personally. Of the five principles you taught us about, the 'Do not worry' hit the best for me. I know things will work out for me and you are one of the reasons for it." -PS, Project Manager, Banking Industry

"Thank you. After this experience, I couldn't imagine studying Reiki with anyone other than Imara."- MT, Investor, Writer

"When I took Reiki before, it didn't include all that Imara taught. I really am glad I took it again; I got so much more out of it, and understand it so much better now. This was much more thorough." -DC, Entrepreneur

"We followed your advice and gave our son Reiki using the technique you taught us every night; my husband and I took turns. It really made a difference. We notice the difference when we give him Reiki regularly and when we don't." - KH, Homemaker

"This news was so wonderful that I had to share it with you. I talked to my mom (80 years old ) shortly after finishing my Reiki II class. Mom was anxious to have me send her Reiki at any time and said she'd report any changes she noticed. I started sending Reiki weekly and after a couple of weeks Mom reported that she wasn't using a magnifying glass to read the paper any longer. She said that it could be that the morning light at her kitchen table is better in the Winter, but that she thought it was the Reiki.

My mom has macular degeneration. This is a degenerative disease, so when Mom goes to her opthamologist every 3 months, the best outcome she can hope for is that her eyes haven't gotten worse. When I talked to her yesterday she said that her checkup last week had her doctor stumped. For no reason that he could explain she could read two lines lower on the eye chart than at her previous appointment. In fact this was better than she had been able to see for years. She said she didn't mention the Reiki to him because it would be too hard for her to explain. She and I are certain that Reiki is helping her vision." -DC Helpful Daughter and new Wisdom Light Usui Reiki Practitioner


Rev. Imara, Usui Reiki Master

Mikao Usui saw Usui as not just a technique or occasional modality, but as a path for spiritual unfoldment. I agree. Reiki is not just a sometime technique that one turns on and off. True Reiki beings who honor the teachings and the power available through Universal Life Force Energy in everyday life usually find Reiki is either the beginning of a wondrous awakening or the acceleration and quickening of an already unfolding spiritual evolution.

As such, Mikao Usui was inspired by the Emperor Meiji of Japan, himself known to be highly intuitive and observant of the human-spiritual connection. From these two men we receive 5 Principles for Living to which we are instructed to adhere to the best of our ability each day. Furthermore, in their wisdom, they acknowledged that by limiting the goal to a daily one, the awesome task of living by these principles for an entire lifetime is made attainable. I am referring to the overriding “Just for Today” beginning of each principle. Many in the west recognize this “just for today” instruction in the familiar “one day at a time” philosophy. Thus, these principles which might seem designed for a saint at first glance, are made human.

A note about translations of Oriental Kanji or Hieroglyphics:

Please remember that Oriental cultures communicate in holistic, visual form, as reflected in their linguistic structure and through, in this case, kanji. Literal translation that distills such complex, visual kanji into any black and white, linear, western letters and words, let alone the words of the most efficient, business language on the planet, does not do any kanji justice. I myself have asked various Asian language speaking people to give me their translations of Usui’s original calligraphy, and each person has a small but differing take on the literal translation. So, you are likely to see little variations in some of these western words, depending on the Reiki Master and his or her lineage.

The Original Usui Reiki Principles

1. Live Free of Anger
2. Live Free of Worry
3. Respect your Parents, Teacher, Elders
4. Earn Your Living Honestly (modern translation) or Work Hard for a Living (alternate translation)
5. Show gratitude to all living things. (Alternate: Show respect to all living things.)

These are indeed, noble and good principles by which to live. Setting a goal to live by these principles says much about the character of most Reiki persons, whether they are initiates or practitioners or masters. The principles remind us, too, that as stated above, Reiki is not a 1 hour technique to be practiced, but a path to be lived. Certainly, it is easy to live by these principles when one is away from the fray, out of the tensions of rush hour traffic or far from the presence of human emotions. But most people don't live the hermetic life in a temple on the mount. Most of us are not alone in the woods without other humans, schedules and modern conveniences to tempt us off path, nor do we lived guarded from modern realties in a pure and natural sanctum.

Through the years I have watched many struggle, inadvertently ‘forget’ or just not realize the subtle ways in which the principles come into play in a modern consumer society. I always tell my students that it is easy to be holy high on the mountaintop (or even during a week-end retreat), above and removed from all temptation and choice. The true barometer of one’s learning, the true test of one’s ability to master this human path is down in the midst of Sodom and Gomorrah; in the everyday, 9-5 life where the choices between light and dark are subtle, the temptations roll by in an endless parade and the pressures to take the freeway of convenience in all things surround one constantly. What then, is the difference between those who struggle with these principles and those who learn to live by them in peace?

During my decade as a Reiki Master/Teacher and almost 13 years as a Reiki attuned being, I have learned that there is a distinguishing characteristic that not only helps one to live by these principles in daily life, but is a foundational prerequisite for the ability to do so.

No, it is not sincerity----most of the students that I have invited to undertake this training are sincere.

No, it is not consistency ---though any who wish to truly understand the Rei Ki and be the most powerful channel for it, must practice consistently.

No, it is not natural ability---certainly there are those born with a gift for this type of work and others for whom it is new and unfamiliar, but all people with sincerity, consistency and hard-work brought to the table can be conduits for Reiki if properly trained.

The difference in those who are able to achieve living by all of these principles versus those who struggle or give up on them IS HUMOR.

Those who openly embrace, best adhere to, and most quickly learn from a transgression of these principles are those people who have a sense of humor; people who don't take themselves too seriously; people who don't believe the world revolves around them and their personal lives. Without this ability to approach life with a humorous perspective there will be no success with the other five principles.


Below then, are the principles by which my students are asked to live and my Master Apprentices are asked to adopt into their own teaching someday.

Just for Today:
1. Live Free of Anger
2. Live Free of Worry
3. Honor your parents, teachers, elders
4. Earn Your Living Honestly
5. Show Gratitude/Respect for all Living Things
and so that you can live by the above:
6. Maintain a sense of humor.

If you are Reiki teacher, you are welcome to add this 6th principle to your teaching should you feel so inclined. I ask simply that if you do so, you do it in completion, teaching the source and history of these principles. Teach from whom and where they came, when they came into being and why they are taught.

May Universal Life Force Energy (Rei Ki) fill us all with the Highest Truth, Wisdom and Light.

Rev. Imara, MBA, MHpn, URM
Colorado, USA 2005

©copyright 2005, The Wisdom Light and Imara, All Rights Reserved.
No portions or excerpts of this article may be used or distributed without the expressed permission of the author. This article may be reprinted for personal use without monetary gain in its entirety with full credit to the author. Plagiarism is certainly prosecutable under the laws and in the courts of man. More importantly, however, copying or taking credit for another's work, words or ideas as seen on this easily accessible, worldwide web will be handled automatically (and with all humor aside), by a stricter code: the inescapable and unyielding come-uppances of Universal Law, as meted out by a Higher Authority, Karma, the law of the Tao , Tunkashila or respectfully, whatever name you wish to ascribe the Divine Intelligence, Moral Code and Energy Laws of the Universe.

"Religion without science is blind. Science without religion is lame."
- Albert Einstein

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Crystal Bowl Therapy by Imara
Listen to an Interview with Imara about Crystal Bowls and their Usage by Alan Smith, author of Unbreak Your Health

“I received the bowl yesterday and was very impressed by the quality and beautiful sound. It's as if I barely have to touch the exterior of the bowl with the striker and the sound fills the space. This is a very responsive bowl; much more so than other bowls I've tried. Thanks again,” — James Johnson, OKUGI School of Reiki

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